Presskit Christmas-Market Munich

Information on Christmas Market Munich (Marienplatz): press releases and filming permits

Filming at Christmas-Market Munich

For photo, film and sound recordings with little effort, no filming permit is required on the market area if:

  • Filming and photography are used exclusively for journalistic reporting,
  • No other tools or structures are used (e.g. barriers, headlights)
  • No more than five people are involved in the shooting.

Filming and photo shoots for marketing, advertising, gaming, feature films, shows and other purposes that cannot be considered current reporting from the Munich Christmas Market require approval. Please apply for such permits in writing to the Department for Labor and Economics by email at

Please see also "Filming in Munich "

All information about the Christmasmarket Munich on the Official Website  


City of Munich
Department of Labour and Economic Development
Press and public relations
Tel: +49 (0)89 233 82813

Pictures and videos featuring the Christkindlmarkt can be conveniently downloaded from the München Tourismus media portal after one-off registration.
Direct link to registration:

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