“Münchner Modepreis” – the Munich Fashion Award

Every two years, the City of Munich awards young designers with the Munich Fashion Award.

Awards for young fashion designers from Munich

Münchner Modepreis
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The City of Munich is presenting the Münchner Modepreis once every two years. The candidates proposed for the competition are selected from respected fashion schools in the Bavarian capital: Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode (German School of Fashion) and AMD (Academy of Fashion and Design).

Strong in education

Fashion is a long-standing tradition in Munich and accounts for a significant chunk of the design industry. The city is especially in demand as a strong venue for fashion education and training. Budding fashion designers can earn a broad spectrum of qualifications here at internationally renowned institutes such as the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode and the AMD.


Young talents starting out in Munich need visibility, which in turn gives them the chance to make a name for themselves and build a career. The Münchner Modepreis is an award that focuses the spotlight on creative talent, professional qualifications and designer personalities. The prize money should also enable the winners to finance the next steps forward in their career.

Prize money

The first prize wins EUR 10,000, the second EUR 7,000 and the third EUR 3,000. An audience award for sustainability of EUR 2,000 is also presented.

Audience award for sustainability

Sustainability and the responsible use of resources are key goals for the City of Munich. Therefore, in 2022 the Münchner Modepreis also included an award for sustainability. As part of their collection, contestants, also needed to complete the additional task of designing an "upcycling outfit" from materials such as fabric remains, old clothes or returns. 

The public decided on the winner. On the website muenchen.de they could vote on who should win the audience award for sustainability. The "upcycling outfits" of the contestants were presented in selected shops in Munich's city center. The designer of the best "upcycling outfit" could receive a prize money of EUR 2,000.

The Münchner Modepreis was established in March 2015 pursuant to a resolution by the Munich City Council. So far the award has been presented four times: in 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022. The competition is organized by the Department of Labor and Economic Development.


Lecturers from the two Munich educational institutes named above determine the short list, selecting the four best graduates from the past two academic years. To participate in the competition, the selected applicants must submit a résumé, a two-page exposé (concept and product description with photographic and written documentation) and their graduation collection (five multi-piece outfits).


The winners are selected by an expert jury comprising representatives of big-name fashion companies, designers, fashion journalists and fashion experts.

Members of the 2022 Jury

Etienne Aigner AG

Andreas Ortner

Andrea Karg

Anja Wechsler Photography


"With the Munich Fashion Award, outstanding graduates get the chance to gain the all-important visibility that helps them to start working as a designer, either self-employed or in a company. With GREENSTYLE, we have started out on our mission to contribute to a positive change in the textile industry by giving sustainable fashion labels more visibility. We support them with communication, our events and our network. We accompany the entire process of the Fashion Award and are also available afterwards as a partner."

Annette Roeckl

Alex Waltl

Winners of previous rounds

Michael Nagy, LHM

2022 the Jury decided to hand out the second prizes to two of the contestants.

1st prize: Helena El Malek, Collection "Memory of water" (pictured)

2nd prizes:
Theresa Petz, Collection „Rucke di gu“ and Andrea Reiter, Collection „hold“

Audience award: Theresa Petz, Collection „Rucke di gu“

Read more on the winners' collections and the prize winning ceremony.

Max Württemberger / heartwork productions

1st Prize: Josephine Klock, Collection "L'essence"

2nd Prize: Katharina Rapp, Collection "Draft of Evolution"

3rd Prize: Caterina Goppert, Collection "AURA: Tomorrow is timeless"

3rd Prize: Tanja Salem, Collection "LOSGELOEST"

Audience award: Katharina Kittel, Collection "happy-go-lucky"

Michael Nagy, LHM

1st Prize: Felix Richter, Collection "Back to the clinic"

2nd Prize: Laura Maria Pairan, Collection "Stara nova Ljubav"

2nd Prize: Otilia Octaviana Vlad, Collection "Frozen"

Audience award: Christina Marie Kiker, Collection "Metanoia"

Michael W. Fuchs

1st Prize: Nathalie Schenkel, Collection "Implying Lines"

2nd Prize: Chen Jerusalem, Collection "Jerusalem Syndrome"

3rd Prize: Yurt Christine Mermer, Collection "Maşallah"

Audience award: Nathalie Schenkel, Collection "Implying Lines"

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