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Contact for corporate customers

First port of call for general questions on economic development, official business approvals and licenses

Point of Single Contact (PSC)


The Point of Single Contact for corporate services will assist you with your entrepreneurial questions.

We will also guide and advise you through the local administration.

Let us know how we can help - by calling us or sending us a message.

Contact form   or psc@muenchen.de

Phone number  +49 89 233 22070

The PSC offers consulting services in German and English. Our PSC consulting services are free of charge.

The Point of Single Contact (PSC) explained

Video in English: What does the Point of Single Contact do?

Planning to set up a company in Munich?

We will answer your questions, like:

  • What registrations and what permits do I need to get started?
  • What do I have to keep in mind when founding?
  • What are the frame conditions at the business location Munich?

Planning to set up a branch in Munich?

We will answer your questions, like:

What forms of registered offices are possible? Where is the difference in

  • subsidiary?
  • operating facility?
  • branch establishment?
  • representative office?

Who can assist me with setting up the registered office?

How we can help

  • Information about the advice and services available to corporate customers in Munich
  • Advice on necessary approvals, professional practice rules and the formalities of starting a business and/or moving to Munich
  • Coordination of the local government paperwork that is needed when starting a business
  • Digital handling of official processes via the secure electronic mailbox of the Point of Single Contact

Examples and background

→ for companies or self-employed persons

Our specially trained PSC consultants will walk you through every step of the unavoidable administrative formalities. The aim? Less red tape and faster results.

Here's how the PSC can help you with business licenses or permits

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The consultants who staff the Point of Single Contact know exactly which licenses you need to run a grocery store, say, or open a children's daycare center. "The forms for registering a new business are available from the Department of Public Law and Order (the "Kreisverwaltungsreferat" or "KVR")," explains Anna Eckl, a member of the PSC team. "And to open a nursery, we have to contact the childcare ("KITA") unit of the Department of Schooling, Education and Culture."

Questions such as "What is a 'mini-company?' (a slimmed-down version of the limited liability company known in German as the "Mini-GmbH") and "Can I get financial subsidies for my company in Munich?" are being asked all the time. The team explains the various legal forms a company or business can have and what subsidies and other kinds of support are available.

International inquiries tend to focus on different issues: What does a self-employed physiotherapist have to do to move his or her practice from Madrid to Munich? "Foreign callers often want to know about the specific requirements to exercise a profession," says Johannes Heyne, another member of the PSC team. The spectrum is very broad: "We frequently advise foreign entrepreneurs who need a license from the Immigration Authority so they can engage in self-employed activity. In other cases, we forward business registration documents via our secure e-mail system. We are frequently also asked to grant filming permits for Munich."

Throughout Europe, PSC advisory services have been set up in response to the Services Directive published by the EU in 2006/2007. "However, the City of Munich provides a broader-based service," says Antonie Neumaier, who leads the PSC team at the Department of Labor and Economic Development. "The Munich City Council has defined the term 'service' very generously. At the PSC, advice is provided to all industries and wherever the inquiries come from. Munich's PSC provides advice to entrepreneurs from all over Germany and all over the world, not just from the EU. We are able to provide support and information in German and English."

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