European and International Affairs

The team coordinates the European activities as well as development policy issues and projects of the City of Munich.

European affairs and International development cooperation

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Peter von Felbert

The City of Munich's European activities are coordinated by the European and International Affairs Team at the Department of Labor and Economic Development. In addition, each department also has its own dedicated European and International Affairs Officer.

Munich benefits from a number of EU development programs which help with the implementation of many projects.  The Department of Arts and Culture is the place to go for information about EU-funded cultural development projects and projects for which Munich receives backing from the EU. The Department of Education and Sports also provides a wealth of information about exchange opportunities for both schoolchildren and teachers. The first point of contact for all inquiries from residents, schoolchildren and students is the Europe Direct Information Center for Munich and Upper Bavaria.

In order to make a contribution to sustainable development, the City of Munich has become active in development cooperation just like many other municipalities have. Two objectives form the basis of Munich's commitment. On the one hand, improving the living conditions in so-called developing and emerging countries, on the other hand, coming to terms with global challenges. To meet these objectives, the City of Munich supports various projects and cooperates with international and local organisations.

Cover LHM Jahresbericht Europa und Internationales 2020

LHM Report

Munich report on European and International Affairs 2020.
Report 2020

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