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Public Art München – Annuale 2023

The Cultural Department of the City of Munich is inviting entries to a public art competition on the theme of "Free Spaces".

Art in public space – competition for project applications

Up to EUR 15,000 gross for 2023: “Freiräume I open spaces”

The department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich invites you to a public art competition on the subject of "Freiräume | open spaces".
All areas of artistic creativity are permitted. The art projects are temporarily carried out freely accessible in the public urban space. As with all art competitions in public space, the reference to the location is also important.
The content of the proposed project must relate to the intended location.


Closing date for submissions

Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Public space in Munich is scarce and in demand. All people in this city are concerned with questions of space – living space, work space, space for exchange, space for meetings and for individual development. A time of crisis makes it all the more noticeable how important these spaces are.

For the Annuale 2023, the annual series of art projects by Munich artists, the department of Arts and Culture has therefore decided not to specify a narrow thematic setting. We want to enable freedom – and space for art.

Who can apply for a project?

All artists residing in the Munich S-Bahn area can take part. Up to five art interventions will be realized in public urban space in 2023. The budget for each individual project is a maximum of EUR 15,000 (gross).

Only one application per artist is possible.

Characteristics of the projects

  • All forms and media of the current art discourse are allowed.
  • Statements on the artistic examination of the location must be made.
  • The artistic focus is on temporary projects.
  • Statements on mediation and communication strategies are necessary.
  • The organization and implementation of the art projects is carried out by the artists

How do I apply?

For an application you need:

  • Written art concept (text max. 2 A4 pages, graphic illustration max. 3 A4 pages)
  • Information about the beginning and duration/running time of the art project
  • Location(s) statements
  • Cost calculation (cost estimate) incl.
  • Project and operating costs: planning, implementation, support, insurance, etc.
    • Artist fees
    • Communication measures and mediation
  • Short biography (maximum 1 A4 page)

Submissions by e-mail only

  • Please submit your project proposals as a PDF via e-mail. The file size of the application must not exceed 10 MB.
  • Please send your project application to the following e-Mail address:
    • kunst-wettbewerb@muenchen.de
    • If this is not possible for you, please send your application to the following address:
    • Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München
      Abt. 1 – Public Art Munich
      Burgstrasse 4
      80331 München

Application Time

The closing date for submissions is Wednesday, November 30, 2022

What's next?

An internal committee in the department of Arts and Culture will make a decision on the art projects to be realized in 2023 in a timely manner. You will be informed about acceptances and rejections about two months after the end of the application period.


Do you have questions before submitting your application? Contact us. We are happy to help.

Dr. Daniel Bürkner: daniel.buerkner@muenchen.de

Kerstin Möller: kerstin.moeller@muenchen.de

Nicola Harenberg: nicola.harenberg@muenchen.de